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"A ‘leaked photo’ is a NON-CONSENSUAL form of sexual violation and anybody who participates by viewing and sharing is part of the problem."

Laci Green. (via mysharona1987)

And oh my darling I’m so blue
Because nothing oh, but nothing takes the place of you

I’ve seen a lot of things on tumblr today about Natalia Kills and how she came to the defense of skinny girls. Yes all body shaming is wrong. YES. But, this link sums up exactly how I feel about this issue and I don’t think a big booty anthem is all that serious to begin with (it just gives me another reason to dance when I’ve had too many tequila shots). Please always know where the privilege actually is. 


"What’s your greatest struggle as a teacher?"
"I have to be strict to help them improve. But if I’m strict, they think I’m against them."

(Kampala, Uganda)

Exactly how I feel every day at work.


Watch Jon Stewart tear into Fox News for their Ferguson coverage


The Velvet Underground - White Light / White Heat